High Definition CCTV Units for Commercial and Domestic Use.

Security Guards UK will design, install and maintain CCTV systems for your home and business. We are professional CCTV suppliers and installers. We install cutting-edge CCTV systems for your business & home including the latest Network cameras (or IP cameras).

CCTV has proved to be one of the most important weapons in improving a sites security and defense systems against criminals. They provide safety and deter crimes such as shoplifting, robbery, theft and vandalism.

The CCTV Cameras will pick up any criminals walk across the camera which can later be used in evidence.

Whether it is a single video entry device or a sophisticated multi-camera system, we will install a CCTV system that suits your exact requirements. The picture can be recorded on a DVR unit and displayed on a dedicated monitor,  PC screen or mobile phone.

Visible presence of a camera can be enough to deter unwelcome visitors and activities. We also provide hidden cameras. This is perfect when you need more secrecy when recording.

Most importantly, the systems that we install makes it very easy to extend your CCTV set-up at a later date. You can even integrate it with alarm and access control systems so all your security devices work in sync.

We can provide a range of solutions from state of the art 4K CCTV systems, set up for ultra clear video surveillance to simple DIY CCTV camera kits with simple installation.

We have an extensive team of highly trained, experienced engineers who are ready to install your CCTV systems to the highest standard.

For commercial or domestic uses, we offer tailor made packages to suit any requirements ranging from a single camera to more complex hi-tech video security units including on-the-go, live feed monitoring.

Along with our monitoring services, we provide a complete CCTV supply, install, monitor and surveillance service backed up by our 24/7 response units. Security Guards UK are truly the ‘EXPERTS IN SECURITY‘.

World Renowned Brands at Your Fingertips

Security Guards UK offer various CCTV kits with a variety of options to suit our customers needs and budget. You can chose from a number of variables ie. amount of cameras, size of Hard Disk, image quality and more. We offer the latest technology from a world renowned manufacturer with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee. All our engineers are highly trained and experienced.

HIKvision colour cameras

Hikvision ColorVu cameras provide bright color video images 24/7 in low illumination conditions. They excel at capturing vivid chromatic images in a multitude of application scenarios, such as public places with no lighting, night security at industrial estates, traffic intersections in low light environments, unlit areas around the home and more.

standard vs colorvu camera

Please take a look at some of our most popular kits below...

night vision cameras
night vision cameras
night vision cameras

20 Years Experience In The Industry

We hold over 20 years experience in the security industry. We have covered hundreds of sites.

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We have the best prices in the UK. But, on the off chance somebody offers you a better price - we will beat it.

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We hold over 20 years experience in the security industry. We have covered hundreds of sites.

A Review From A Previous Client:

Having worked with security companies for many years, Security Guards UK is far above the rest. Always professional, keen to support and a team with the best work ethics I have known. I am always amazed by the service they provide, and I cannot recommend them enough to anyone looking for a reliable and professional security company.

Lauren S.

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