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As one of the UK's leading security companies, we get asked so many different questions concerning security guards, the services that we provide and general enquiries regarding our business. If you have a question take a look at the list we made & if your question still hasn't been answered, do not hesitate to contact us.

A security guard is someone who is employed to protect either a building, land or person against intruders, damage or harm. This is usually achieved through visual deterrence and physical presence. Security Guards serve a vital role in ensuring businesses stay functionable in areas of high crime.

In today’s society Security Guards are pivotal in ensuring businesses remain safe in and out of normal working hours. Additionally, Security Guards can offer protection and visual deterrence to potential criminals who are targeting specific companies and buildings. Every company has some degree of security measure in place whether that be a Security Guard, CCTV, fencing or a simple door lock. Securing your assets and property is of huge importance to all businesses across the country.

As a security guard, the role will vary depending on what sort of site you are dispatched to and what the specific requirements of the site are. This may include…

  • Patrolling at regular intervals to checkpoints located throughout the site
  • Logging down any suspicious activity and reporting it
  • Liaising with police to report any criminal activity.
  • Welcoming people on to the site
  • Checking the site for potential criminal activity.
  • Diffusing potentially hostile, dangerous situations.
  • Restraining people to ensure they don’t pose a danger to other members of the public or themselves.
  • Ensuring a physical presence on site which in turn provides a visual deterrent to potential intruders.
  • Search people, belongings and/or vehicles.

Security guards do not have the same powers as the Police but can perform a citizens arrest, refuse to enter premises and with consent, they can search you and your belongings before allowing entrance. However, security guards are not allowed to carry any weapons including firearms, tasers or batons unless licenses to do so.

Yes, security guards can perform citizens arrest but only if they have good reason to. This includes them being witness to a crime, to protect a person causing injury to themselves or others. To prevent damage or destruction to a building or to stop somebody fleeing a crime scene before the arrival of police.

The cost of a security guard depends on various factors including location, job requirements, length of contract, shift patterns, number of guards etc.

We offer a highly cost-effective solution and will not be beaten on price.

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Security guards need finely tuned skills so that they can stay sharp and make sure that the items/property that they are guarding stay safe. A few key skills for Security Guards are…

  • Awareness
  • Fitness
  • Communication Skills
  • Reliability
  • Conflict management
  • Customer Service Skills

All of these skills combined will make for an excellent security guard. If you believe you meet the requirements check out our recruitment page and apply today.

Security is considered to be quite an honorable job with lots of opportunities along the way. Having a career in which you protect and secure other people’s businesses and livelihoods is extremely respectable. Security Guards can go on to work in the police, armed forces or even become supervisors and mangers of security organisations.

To become a Security Guard in the UK you are required legally to hold an SIA licence and carry out Security training to ensure that you are qualified enough to protect the public and properties. Different Security Guards require different licences. These vary from Door Supervisor, CCTV, Security to Close protection and others.

All Security Guards in the UK must hold an SIA licence. It is illegal to take on any security work without holding your own SIA licence. If found to be breaching the law you could face up to 6 months in prison or a £5000 fine.

The SIA (Security Industry Authority) are the regulatory body responsible for creating the rules and regulations of the private security industry sector.

Security is perfect for many people as it is such a flexible job. You can work alongside your employer to find the perfect days for you. Security contracts can last from a few days all the way to 15/20+ years. Security will always be an industry with demand and will be able to cater for your work patterns as usually there are night shifts and day shifts available ranging from 4 hours to 12-hour shifts.


About Our Company.

At Security Guards UK we cover the whole of the UK as we are a nationwide provider. We have an abundance of locally based guards in the UK’s major cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow and Edinburgh. We also offer International Security which stretches across all 7 continents!

Security Guards UK have built over 20 years of experience in the Security industry and are proud to be one of the UK’s leading security providers.

All our guards have been thoroughly screened and vetted by the SIA and ourselves to ensure that they have a valid SIA license and can legally work on site.  DBS checks, employment history, immigration checks and character references are undertaken for all applicants prior to issuing of an SIA license.

Its easy to hire guards from us. Simply give us a call on 0800 028 1513 and speak to a member of the sales team or get a free, no obligation quote from us. You can also email us at info@securityguardsuk.com.

We believe that Security Guards must look approachable, professional and presentable as they are a figure of authority. That’s why all of our guards come smartly uniformed. This includes a white shirt, black trousers and tie and black shoes. Guards will also have high visibility vests/jackets to easily identify themselves as security officers.

We hand pick guards for each site by recruiting and short listing all candidates. Firstly, we go through guards that are trained, experienced and available based on the site requirement.  Interviewing each one of the candidates, we determine how many of the candidates are suitable, local to the site and from that list we select which guards we believe have the best skills and qualities to meet the requirements for the site.

We provide security on some of the largest public sector contracts in the UK ranging from the NHS, City Councils and Environment Agency. We also guard sites for some of the UKs largest private companies such as Lidl, BMW, Taylor Wimpey and more…

We hold various industry accreditations and are a fully insured Security provider.

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