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4 Tips To Be A Good Security Guard

4 Tips To Be A Good Security Guard

What makes a good security guard?

Whether working at a shopping centre or in a block of offices, music concerts or as a close protection guard, a security guard has an extremely important job to do.

They have the responsibility of remaining vigilant and protecting a person or place. All Security companies have to remain cautious and hire people who are mature and dependable. consistency and trust are vital.

At Security Guards UK we believe it is extremely important for a security firm to hire and sufficiently train the correct person for the job. But what exactly makes a good security guard?


A good security guard must be understanding and know boundaries whilst still remaining a solid presence. They are responsible for keeping the site and the people inside it safe. This must be done whilst still ensuring that everything is running smoothly people feel safe. Guards often can find themselves in high pressure situations, especially when alcohol is involved. They must keep their cool and remain calm to handle the situation in the correct manner.


The best guards are always aware and alert to their surroundings. It is a necessity to constantly remain attentive and avoid distractions as much as possible, or you can run the risk of missing something that could prove costly. An officer taking their eye of the job for a moment may put lives in jeopardy, or miss out on witnessing a criminal or thief in action.

Physical Fitness

Being such a strenuous job, guards must be in a fit and healthy state and regularly exercise to make sure that they can do their job to the best of their abilities. An unfit guard might not be able to perform their role to their maximum potential – such as chasing a criminal or stopping a fight.

Being in good physical shape leads to good mental shape. Security is at the front of relations with the public. The officer needs to be respectful and professional at all times as well as looking smart and recognizable as the go-to person in an emergency

Good Communication Skills

A good guard knows how to communicate successfully with a range of different people

Clear, calm, chivalrous communication can be the decisive factor in handling a tricky situation well.

Communication also allows the security officer to carefully and accurately note  each and every incident of importance that may occur on a shift.


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