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Car Theft Prevention

Car Theft Prevention

Car theft is on the rise across the UK with a 30% national increase compared to 2017. At its worst some places having a 56% increase in theft compared to the previous year. Last year in the UK there were around 85,000 cars stolen. Unfortunately, most of them were either stripped of their parts or undiscovered, presumed to be moved across the border and sold to the rest of world. As our police services are being stretch minor crimes are having less time spent on them. Therefore, car thieves are becoming less likely to be found and brought to justice. There are ways to protect your car from being stolen and some of them are simpler than you would expect.

Keep valuables hidden

Although this may seem obvious you would be surprised how many people actually leave their valuables on show. Avoid having your bag, wallet or even loose change on show. If your car looks like it has things worth stealing on show thieves will be itching to take a further look at the valuables you may have hidden in your car.

Physical Deterrents

In this digital age car theft is becoming a lot easier, especially with the new keyless cars being so easy to break into. It’s always handy to have some type of security measure such as wheel or pedal locks as the time it takes the thief to remove them is time the thief cannot afford as the longer they take trying to remove these deterrents, the more likely they are to be spotted.

Avoid Relay Attacks

What are relay attacks and how do I avoid them? Latest figures released show that 96% of motorists are vulnerable to relay attacks. More and more car thieves are using this clever method which involves criminals working side by side using an electronic signal relay device to pull the key signal from inside the home. They then transferring the signal to a device held by an accomplice who is near the car. The signal passed opens up the car door allowing the thieves to enter and drive away as if nothing has happened.


You are not helpless though and there are ways to stop these signals being taken from inside your home.  It’s simple, just put your keys inside a metal or tin box or a signal blocking wallet which can be purchased for as little as £5. The metal doesn’t allow the signals to pass through it meaning you car will be safe.


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