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The Benefits of CCTV

The Benefits of CCTV

The Benefits of CCTV

Whether you’re at home, in your office or on the go, you can have eyes on your premises 24/7. You need look no further than Security Guards UK. Our cutting edge CCTV systems packed with little features to keep eyes on your site. Whether you need to protect your warehouse and need cover from all angles or your building site is prone to attack by opportunistic thieves, we have everything you need. Our 360-degree cameras can ensure you get maximum coverage and can follow targets so you don’t lose track of them. We will come out and inspect your site to give you a bespoke service and help you pick the best positions to put your cameras for maximum efficiency.

Is your site outdoors?

Devious thieves will raid under the dark of night where its harder for them to be seen and easier to sneak between the shadows and evade any watching eyes. Not with night vision cameras from Security Guards UK! Our HD CCTV cameras are enabled with a high definition, night vision lense so never miss a thing! Sound enabled cameras can hear where the intruders have broken in from, whether they have smashed a window, broke down a door or jumped over a fence. They will pick up everything! You cannot keep your eyes on your site 24/7 but we can! Don’t worry about the weather either, our water resistant cameras are extremely durable and will be able to track potential bandits in even the harshest of conditions.

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