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Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security

Keeping Your Construction Site Safe

The construction industry continues to be an easy target for opportunistic criminals and a construction site is a diamond mine for some. Despite warnings of increased vulnerability, construction site owners and workers leave themselves susceptible to theft as they do not do enough to protect their businesses. A study led by the Chartered Institute of Building discovered that 92% of respondents were directly affected by petty crime, with 21% stating that their construction sites were targeted on a weekly basis. There is without doubt as issue with this. Theft is an on-going issue within the construction industry, and it will only continue to increase.

Shocking Figures

Last year, theft and vandalism within in the construction industry cost the sector little over £800 million, a hugely high figure considering that even some crimes go unreported. When contractors are targets of theft it’s not just new equipment that they need to pay for. It’s the cost of hiring new equipment in the meantime so that they can continue with their work and the increase in insurance premiums which undoubtedly continues to rise with the increase in these attacks.

Security Measures to Take

The main issue simply comes down to the lack of site security. High value assets are kept on construction sites all the time, so security measures are imperative . Simply removing keys from vehicles and using flimsy padlocks and chains is nowhere near enough to keep criminals at bay. So, can we take extra measures?

Investing in staff training to make sure that working practices aim to secure on-site vehicles and machinery. More will be done to minimise the potential risk of theft and vandalism if staff are aware of the threats that they face


Purchasing site security barriers from a security company to minimise the ‘openness’ of your site.


Investing in visible deterrents such as CCTV and bright lightning so that thieves struggle to conceal their location and identity.


Having a physical deterrent too such as a security guard or two depending on how large the site is.


Without these measures, crime against construction sites will continue to increase. The valuable metals, equipment and vehicles will continue to attract thieves and business will continue to lose money.

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