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New COVID-19 Restrictions Placed On Scotland

New COVID-19 Restrictions Placed On Scotland

Scotland PM, Nicola Sturgeon has warned that coronavirus cases in Scotland have started to surge among the older generation today as she banned pubs and restaurants from serving alcohol indoors for at least 16 days from Friday.

The First Minister told MSPs that the situation was ‘better than March’, but also admitted she needed to take a ‘backward step’ as she unveiled a rather dramatic ‘circuit breaker’ squeeze to match up with the school half-term north of the border.

As well as a curfew on serving alcohol, hospitality venues will only be allowed to open between 6am and 6pm as Ms Sturgeon said without the crackdown the virus could be ‘out of control by the end of this month’.

In five ‘hotspot’ areas pubs will be completely closed altogether, apart from takeaways, until October 26 and people will be advised against using public transport unless necessary.

Imposing some of the toughest restrictions in Europe, Ms Sturgeon stated that if it was ‘a purely one dimensional decision’ about tackling the virus there would be even harsher action, but she was considering the wider economy and wellbeing.

But it inevitably provoked cries of protest from the hospitality industry, who branded the clampdown as a ‘total catastrophe’ and warned a heap of businesses will go under permanently.

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