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What to Expect Working as a Security Guard

What to Expect Working as a Security Guard

A career in security is often an overlooked career in today’s society and you perhaps may not know what to expect as a security guard. But security guards have a vital role in many parts of today’s business. Ranging from construction sites to shopping centers to student accommodation.

Licence and Eligibility

Firstly, an in date security license is a basic requirement to work as a certified security personnel in the UK. You must be 18 or older to apply for an SIA licence and complete a training course. Once you have completed you are now a fully fledged security guard.

You have the license – now what?

In a society where protecting your property is extremely important, the demand for security guards in the UK is healthy. After obtaining an SIA license, responsibilities can differ. Here are the jobs what to expect as a security guard

  • Static Security Guards: The most common security officer. More often than not they are based in a cabin and part take in hourly patrols of the site.
  • Event Security Guards: Often hired to control crowds for big public events and festivals.
  • Banksman: Banksmen must keep site traffic running smooth and help guide large vehicles in and out of loading bays or tight spaces

If you’re really looking to progress in your career as a security guard, after you get your license you may want to pursue additional certifications. This will allow you to show your employer you are serious about security.

The Opportunities are Endless

One of the top aspects of a career in the security industry is the opportunity to find something that works for you.

For instance, if you’re a person that feels a strong sense of duty, loves helping and protecting others you would be a great doorman. You could be placed at the front and center of a building. This means you’ll be have to screen and greet guests. You must ensure that everyone entering the building is supposed to be there.

However, that may not be your cup of tea. You might want to consider a night shift, which might include patrolling the site you’re protecting and guarding against threats to property. This can stem from theft all the way to vandalism.

Part taking a career as a security guard also has advantages for students in college or university. Namely, flexible hours to suit your study schedule and some money to help pay for study resources.

The Key Skills You Will Need

It may seem like anyone can take on a job as a security guard. However, many people don’t know what to expect as a security guard that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a huge range of skills necessary to be successful in the short-and long-term:

  • Communication Skills: As is the case for lots of jobs, the need for precise communication skills is vital to this industry. It will be your job to follow customer briefs and communicate orders. This becomes pivotal when working with a large crowd or with general public.
  • Quick Thinking. In some instances, the need for security guards to use quick thinking is imperative. Its handy to be a fast thinker to stop problems before a situation gets out of control.
  • Adaptability. Being a guard is more than just patrolling your site. You will need to be able to adapt to a variety of different conditions and demands in order to successfully perform your job.
  • Keep on learning. With technology changing and growing, there is a demand for security guards to be highly-trained and tech-savvy, including familiarity with different devices and systems. Being comfortable with new systems will keep you at the top of your game.

The World is Yours

You now know what to expect as a security guard. The security industry can be a great stepping stone to many opportunities. You can find yourself in field of law, security and public safety. With a few years’ experience, a more seasoned and adventurous person can branch out into other careers. They can be private investigators, a police officer or corrections officer. It is important to pick which aspects of your job you like so you can pin point the career you would grow in and enjoy.


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