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Fire Safety & Awareness

Fire Safety & Awareness

How to handle situations involving fire

Being a security guard is a high pressure job and when things go wrong everybody becomes reliant on you, so you must know what to do in some of the most dangerous and intense situations. Being able to detect and prevent a fire is an essential part of the duties which a security guard carries.

Whether you are in a cabin, patrolling a site or other, it is part of the job role of a security guard to be always on the lookout for any fire hazards. Observing for the common things that are likely to be the cause of fires. For example, equipment which may be producing heat or sparks when it isn’t meant to. Wood, paper or other flammables placed near sources of heat. Even routinely scanning for evidence that a fire has already taken place, such as alarms that have been triggered or smoke and heat in places where they shouldn’t be found is likely to aid security guards in the performance of their duties.


Some basic things to watch for:

Explosives or any flammables shouldn’t be stored near potential sources of ignition

Corridors (particularly those that are likely to be used in an emergency evacuation) should always remain free of obstacles, and any combustible or flammable materials should not be stored there

Exit doors, including the floor area on both sides of the exit door, should be kept clear and accessible at all times

Damage or to fire suppressors

Alarm systems must be operative.


Who to Call

When alarms go off, smoke is seen or there are any other signs of an active fire, a guard must confirm that a fire is actually there. Once the fire is visually confirmed, an alarm will have to be activated by the guard, unless it’s already ringing. This will immediately alert the rest of the people in the building of the threat. After the alarm has being pulled the next port of call is the Fire Department. The Fire Department have the right tools and equipment to safely deal with and extinguish fires. Then the last phone call should be to the supervisor. This is to inform them about the situation and how you’ve handled it.



In the event of a fire in a busy, crowded place it is the guard’s responsibility to get all the people out of the building to a safe location. The employer will have emergency procedures which must be followed in order to make sure that everybody stays safe. Learning these procedures will be apart of the guard security training. These procedures will include how to direct people to a safe place who may be in danger of the fire. Regular checks while on patrol must be made to ensure that there is nothing blocking the fire exits so people can get out in emergencies.


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