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Improving Your Security

Improving Your Security

Brexit, robbery’s, death and crime, Brexit, robbery’s, death and crime.  Whenever I turn then news on, it’s all I see. It’s never ending.  Crime is on the rise and rapidly. Although, there is no way to completely stop it, there are measures you can take

As one of the UK’s leading security companies it is our job to help keep your priorities safe. Therefore, we aim to give our clients only the best service. That’s why we tailor everything to your specific requirements, covering all your needs. We make a living from selling security services but we do aim to give as much free advice as possible. We’ve have been in operation for over 20 years now which also proves we have an immense understanding and vital experience in the security industry. We know exactly what to keep eyes out for.

What to look out for

It is astounding the risks a thief will take, and the eye for opportunity they have is remarkable.  You may look at your property and see a missing tile or a weak window. On the other hand, a thief will look at the same tile or the same window and see it as the perfect opportunity to get inside your property.  Under the heat of summer windows are open in order to cool the place down, but who is responsible for locking up? Nobody wants to wait around at work after they’ve finished so in a rush windows might be left open.  This again is an easy way to break in for any thief. 

Over the years we have seen many schemes people have used to break into buildings.  From cutting the power in the local area, prising shutter control boxes off of the wall, also even entering through the roof.  We have witnessed people enter buildings through weaker parts and completely empty businesses of their stock.  The more ambitious theft operations are always planned out well in advance, they will scope the building for enough time to figure out when the site is at its most vulnerable. They look at shift patterns, locations hidden from CCTV and weak entry points 

To test for the security of a property minor damage is often caused to see if it sets off any alarms.  If there’s any activity from the alarms, they will note how long it takes for it to be checked and who the person is. With this preparation and understanding they know what to do to be able to execute a successful burglary.  Many of our clients who haven’t had security on their site in the past realize how important it is when one of these break-ins happen.

Here’s a few ways to protect your properties better;

Have a regular full patrol around the perimeter and surrounding areas of your property and evaluate the below:

Are there any damaged panels, fences or gates? Where is the easiest place for somebody to jump over? Are there also any valuables on the site which can be easily seen from the outside?

Do a full patrol around the perimeter from a thief’s point of view. This will help you get an understanding of which points of entry a thief would use and also the best ways to stop them getting in.  Take a look at the inside of the premises. Are there valuable items easily visible through windows? Is any cash, keys or small valuables locked away at a secure location in the night?

CCTV is a great visual deterrent and is a good way to keep thieves looking elsewhere for an easier target. You can use it to gather evidence and can be used to look at security weaknesses in your site. If you have a CCTV operative keeping eyes over multiple cameras it can help you cover more ground.

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