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Main duties of being a Security Officer

Main duties of being a Security Officer


  • The role of a security officer is to protect people and the property of their employer or contracted client. So, the major responsibility of a security guard is prevention BEFORE an incident occurs. The absence of incidents or offenses is one sign that a security guard is doing a good job.


  •  Security guards should remain visible as a deterrent to criminals. When a security guard is seen, the perpetrators can be put off targeting that site. So, a security guard should be highly visible. By being seen, as a result the guard may discourage anyone who might be considering theft, damage, or personal injury.


  • Security guards must remain alert to watch for any odd activity and also listen for any unusual sounds. A security guard’s job is PREVENTION. To do the job well, the security guard MUST: Be alert, Listen and Watch. In fact, security guards should be suspicious of any activity that may draw them away from their post. It could be a plan to draw their attention away from their duties

Observe And Report

  • A security officer must observe and reports accurately any incidents that they witness If an offense occurs, an officer does not charge in. Instead, the security guard should:

•             Stay calm

•             Observe and remember events

•             Report to the police/or the security guard’s supervisor (follow employer policy).

Getting Help

  • During dangerous situations, such as robbery, burglary, or assault with a deadly weapon, the security guard will need help to apprehend the suspect. This involves calling the police immediately. Even the police who are trained to apprehend criminals are encouraged to call for help in dangerous situations.

Team Player

A security officer sometimes assumes a team player role when he/she is responsible for maintaining certain rules and policies established by the client. These could include:

  • Requiring employees to show their badges when entering the property; or
  • Inspecting/searching employees leaving the premises; or
  • Monitoring safety standards and reporting hazards; blocked exits, fire safety, slippery floors, etc.

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