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Christmas Security Guarding

Christmas Security Guarding

As Christmas is rapidly approaching, we take this time to reflect on the year gone by, we spend quality time with our family and friends and spread love across our communities. As we’re all aware, this year has been a rather bumpy ride. With COVID-19 spreading itself across the globe and refusing to go away, we saw frantic shoppers panic buying everything from flour to toilet roll. Our economy took a massive blow  as over 750,000 people were made redundant. Perhaps the worst part was that many of us lost loved ones as over 66,000 people fell victim to the deadly virus. On the flip side many of us started working from home. Zoom calls became a part of our day to day lives. The world took some time to heal itself as carbon emissions declined by 8% and we found new heroes in our NHS staff who worked tirelessly to protect our nation.

But, with so many unlucky people losing their jobs, how can we celebrate Christmas as we usually do, with plenty of food, drinks and presents? The sad reality of it is, many of us won’t be able to afford the usual luxuries. Undoubtedly, some people will turn to crime as a quick fix to fund Christmas. As businesses close for the Christmas period, this leaves many sites vulnerable to attack. People will take advantage of the lack of physical presence and security and will see it as the perfect opportunity to steal, rob and vandalise as a means of funding a Christmas for them and their families.

Every year at Security Guards UK, we get a variety of contracts specially for the festive period. Our guards will patrol your site, keep their eyes out for any irregularities between patrols and act as a visual deterrent to any opportunistic thieves who may have been thinking about targeting your site. We have over 20 years’ experience in putting together security solutions so you are in safe hands.

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