Security Guard Duties: What to Expect

When hiring security guards for your business or property, it’s important to understand their typical duties and responsibilities. This allows you to determine the right security needs and services for your situation. Here’s an overview of the common security guard duties businesses can expect:

Monitoring the Premises

Security guards are continually monitoring the premises both inside and out through regular patrolling and surveillance. They take note of any suspicious activity, safety hazards, or security issues and address them promptly. Active monitoring acts as an effective theft and liability deterrent.

Controlling Access

Guards are responsible for controlling access to the property by validating IDs and credentials, operating security gates/entrances, and allowing only authorized individuals into certain areas. This prevents unauthorized access.

Enforcing Safety Protocols

Security personnel enforce COVID-19 protocols, mask policies, occupancy limits, social distancing, parking rules and any other safety procedures needed to protect occupants. They prevent violations that could lead to fines or lawsuits.

Responding to Emergencies

When an emergency occurs like a medical issue, fire, natural disaster or criminal act, the security team acts quickly to protect life safety. They follow emergency response protocols and provide assistance until first responders arrive.

Visibility and Deterrence

Uniformed guards present a visible, authoritative presence that deters potential criminals. Knowing security is actively patrolling creates a powerful crime and theft deterrent effect for properties.

Documentation and Reporting

Guards closely document all incidents, unusual activities and emergency responses in detail through daily activity reports and logs. These provide a timeline of events for reference.