Tips to Improve Your Residential Security

Moving into a new home can be both an exciting and also a very anxious period, but to get that true sense of home, first, you must feel safe and secure. It’s no secret that with crime rates soaring, hiring residential security guards is more crucial than ever, especially in busy, urban areas where crime can be rife.

When it comes to residents living in flats and apartments, the threat level can be much higher in comparison to those living in single-occupancy houses. This is simply down to the sheer number of people who can be living in the block at any one time. Due to the high influx of traffic inside the building, it is absolutely imperative that those coming in and out are monitored for the safety and security of those living inside the apartment.

At Security Guards UK we have aided property management companies, landlords and agents across the whole of the UK in their drive to bolster the levels of their residential security. We work alongside many property management clients to provide a bespoke security package which is sure to improve the sense of security residents feel when they enter their homes.

Ideal types of residential security, ideal for apartments or estates:

Concierge Security

Our concierge security team is the warm welcome when people get in from their long day at work, the reliable members of staff who ensures everybody’s needs are tended to, and most importantly they are the figure of authority that everybody sees as they walk through the front door, offering all residents a strong sensation of security whenever they step into their home. Our concierge team can handle parcel deliveries, manage any complaints or queries, monitor CCTV and maintain a log book for those coming in and out of the building.

Fire Marshalls

The threat of fire is a very real and serious threat. It can ravage through homes and flats within minutes and if it isn’t spotted and acted on quickly, you can fast find yourself in a very serious situation with a number of lives on the line. Our specialist fire marshall service is aimed to directly manage and prevent serious fire outbreaks across apartment blocks and buildings. Our fire marshal teams are specially trained to spot the signs of fire and safely execute evacuations of residents

24/7 Patrol

Maintaining a regular figure of authority on site is an important part of securing large buildings. One of the main advantages of having a security guard on site at all times is that passers-by will notice that the property is protected and regularly patrolled. Having a physical presence regularly walking around sight is statistically proven to reduce crime in and around the immediate surrounding areas.

At Security Guards UK, we have a wealth of experience in the security industry. With over 20 years of experience providing residential security for some of the UK’s largest and most recognizable compaines, we are well equipped to deal with a variety of different security requirements. If you require residential security to provide protection for your property, this is something we can certainly assist with. Please call us on 0800 028 1513 or email us at

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